Cisco is, for all intents and purposes for what we teach, a company that manufactures network devices. They are a very large company, employing thousands of employees, but what you have probably come here to learn is their networking equipment, and, mostly, their IOS (Internetwork Operating System). Their routers and switches are used extensively around the world. Even the counterfeit devices manufactured in China use their IOS.

The intricacies of their IOS is what we teach--how to internetwork the devices together and to the Internet.

Cisco Certifed Network Associates, Professionals, and Internetworking Engineers are paid well for their knowledge and expertise.

There's a saying in the industry, "no one ever got fired by implementing Cisco", which means that, if you were an IT Manager, you approved the purchase of another vendor's networking products, and things went wrong, your career would possibly be put on hold until you found another job. With Cisco, their reputation is so solid, that you would probably not be blamed for implementing their products, even if something did go wrong.

Please reach out to us if interconnecting network devices interests you, and you would like to learn more about it, enough to pass the exams and to make a decent career. out of it