Become a Highly Paid Military Contractor

The IT industry is red-hot, and it has become very difficult to find qualified IT personnel; however, due to certain loopholes, companies have not been increasing their salaries in relation to this shortage of qualified idividuals. These companies can outsource these jobs or hire foreigners through H1B visas.

The largest employer in the world can not hire these foreigners, nor can they outsource these jobs. The name of that employer?

The United States Government. Specifically, departments such as the Department of Defense.

The DoD almost exclusively hires Americans to do anything from the lowest skilled jobs to the highly skilled information assurance and information technology positions. Because of the labor shortage, these jobs pay significantly higher than their CONUS, non-governmental counterparts.

Another reason why they pay so well is because a lot of these jobs, especially the highly skilled jobs, also require their employees to pass a rigorous background investigation, with some of them even requiring polygraphs. These polygraph tests are often very intrusive, and the employee must have lived a pretty unremarkable life to pass one.

That is not to say, if you have a jaded past, you are ineligible. That is a subject for a different article. As long as you are completely honest, to the best of your ability, about your, hopefully, past actions, they may still allow you to obtain that coveted clearance.

If you are highly in debt and have a poor credit rating, the chances they will forgive past transgressions decreases substantially. Pay you bills on time, do not rack up high amounts of credit, file and pay your taxes on time, and you should be much better off.

Relations with foreigners will also raise scrutiny, so you may have to cut all ties with certain individuals if you want to earn a clearance.

Disloyalty to the United States will also get you blacklisted, so do not be radical in your beliefs and ideas about democracy or capitalism. You can be critical of your government and its leaders, but you can not be outspoken and spout vitriol towards it, either. Of course, any other types of radicalized thought will get you blacklisted as well.

Finally, to obtain one of these coveted positions is to have knowledge about the position in which you are applying. You will most likely face a somewhat rigorous interview, but unless you have the right certifications, you probably will not ever have the chance to interview for the position.

This is where we can help. We know and can teach for certifications that needed for a number of cleared, DoD jobs. Let us help you achieve your dreams by helping you to get certified.